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Companion Dog Training Will Produce a Loyal Companion for Life

Companion dog training can be fun as well as instructional and often necessary in improving the relationship between you, your family and your dog.

Parents sometimes decide to get a dog on a whim after a child’s constant coaxing.  Not thinking that the animal may need to be trained, the parent comes home with a dog to the child’s squeals of delight. Or you may have already adopted a dog for companionship and now realize that your new pet is undisciplined. 

Whatever the case, you need a dog training program. You can either do this yourself, which can be a challenging task, or you can enroll your dog in one of the many dog companion training schools. Just make sure the school is a recognized American Kennel Club (AKC) school.

This training involves teaching your dog to be obedient—to sit on command, down on command, come when called, heel, how to walk on a leash, to pay attention. Your dog will even learn good manners (yes, dogs can be taught and have good manners, too)--such as not jumping on people.  And dogs can also be taught people manners as well. That is, showing them how to act when other people are around.

Instructing your dog to be a good companion can also be fun. You can teach dog tricks. For example to fetch, shake a paw, roll over, wave/shake hands, play dead, dance, just to name a few—all activities which can be fun for you as well. This interaction forges a bond and can solidify your relationship with your dog.

Remember that practice makes perfect so all this schooling must be repeated on a daily basis for it to be effective. In training your dog yourself you must remember that you have to exercise patience and supply positive reinforcement not only in the basic obedience instruction but also in teaching your dog tricks.  And do not be abusive—that is, scream or yell at the dog in anger.

During all this training reward your dog’s positive behavior and obedience by giving treats. So you always try to have goodies available.  Providing your dog with the skills to be a valuable and loving family member requires patient companion dog training.  Do this and you will have a loyal companion for life.