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Look for Discount Dog Training Supplies to Fit Your Budget

Whether you are buying leads and leashes or agility training equipment, you can find discount dog training supplies by just taking time to look for them.  It also helps if you have a list of what you need so that you can take advantage of special pricing when you find it.

Your list might contain the size of dog collar your pet requires, or measurements for a harness.  You might have the height or width of agility equipment on the list so that you will recognize a usable alternative if you find one.

One example is the weave poles used in agility training and trials.  Buy pre-made 6 pole weave sets will set you back from $60 -110 and adding the necessary guide wires would be an addition $40.  Made from heavy PVC pipe, this equipment can be replicated for far less money.  Visit some equipment sites online and study the various type of weave equipment being sold.  Make note of the height, diameter, spacing between poles and the size of the guide wires.

All of the supplies needed to make your own agility weave equipment can be found at your local large hardware store.  You will need to make a plan for the size (6 or 12 pole) you will build and have all of the measurements for each piece of material.  Putting this piece of dog training equipment together will most likely take less time than the shopping trip to purchase it.

When doing basic obedience training, you will need a long lead line to use.  These are much more expensive than standard leashes but there are alternatives you can use that cost $2-3 or might even be found for free.  If you have a military salvage near you, parachute cord makes an excellent long lead line.  It is light weight, strong and totally flexible.

Don't assume you have to buy only made-for-training materials at high prices. 
You can acquire every piece of equipment you need at stores that sell discount dog training supplies and by putting some together yourself.