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Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy With Dog Agility Training Equipment

Many people associate in their minds the idea of dog training with the idea of strictness and severity; this is not always so – there are currently on the market some dog agility training supplies which will not only keep your pet fit and agile, but will assist in training him and give you both a lot of fun in the process. Many breeds of dog are very energetic and love to run and jump and test themselves; by giving your pet an agility training regime you will satisfy his love of exercise but challenge him and teach him new commands at the same time.

There are many forms of agility training for dogs, and its worth checking in a training manual to see which is most appropriate for your breed. Each breed of dog has different abilities and its absolutely necessary to set tasks which are within your particular animals abilities. Clearly, a Boxer dog could jump higher than a Dachshund, but there are other aspects of a breed’s abilities which also need to be taken into consideration before setting them agility training tasks so that the course you decide upon is best suited to your pet.

One of the ways in which dogs are trained in agility is the ‘obstacle course’. This is a series of jumps, turns, hoops, tunnels, and other such obstacles which you will teach your dog to overcome. It is an especially enjoyable activity when you have a breed which is naturally good at these sorts of actions and they will take to the encouragement very quickly. The added benefit of teaching your pet to do these things is that the communication between animal and owner becomes far better and a common understanding and stronger bonds are formed.

Even when Police and army dogs are given these kind of tasks it is done with a great sense of ‘play’ and backed up with a lot of praise and encouragement. Dogs, like people, respond well to such positive reinforcement and since their natural inclination is to run and jump they quickly pick up the idea and enjoy themselves. There are many different types of product on the market so it’s certainly worth shopping around and checking for the most appropriate one for your pet; but it’s certainly the case that an investment in dog agility training supplies will be one that will reward you both with a great deal of pleasure and might be a nice break from throwing sticks!


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