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Is a Rhinestone Dog Collar Sissy or Classy?
There is a huge debate among pet owners about the rhinestone dog collar. Is it sissy? Is it classy? Is it just plain ridiculous? Of course there will always be differences of opinion

The Spiked Collar:  It's Not Just for Dogs Anymore
When punk dressers first started wearing spiked dog collars, it was something weird, something strange and foreign and a little bit offensive. Now, however, wearing a spiked collar has started to become a little bit cool.

The Importance of a Personalized Dog Collar
If you have had dogs for long enough, and you have lived long enough, then no doubt at one point or another, you've experienced the trauma of having a dog either run away from home, or else get outside and get hopelessly lost and not be able to find his way back home.

Choosing a Fancy Dog Collar for your Pet
You may feel the need to dress your dog in something a little special, owing to an event that is coming up. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can come up with ideas for a fancy dog collar that match the occasion.

Designer Dog Collars for Dress-Up
Sometimes we like to do something a little special for our pets. In the case of buying something a little different for our dogs, we may decide to go with a designer dog collar.

A Dog Training Collar Gets Your Dog's Attention
Many of us love to have a dog around. Along with the joy of having a pet also comes the responsibility to ensure that our dog understands what is and is not allowed when out for a walk. This is where a dog training collar can come into play.

Training Your Dog with a Dog Shock Collar
When we have a pet, it is up to us to train our dog to understand what sorts of behaviors are acceptable and which are not. One of the ways we can help our dog understand the difference is by the use of a dog shock collar.

The Dog Bark Collar - Not a Good Idea?
A dog bark collar is intended to stop dogs from barking excessively. They range from citronella collars which spray the dog whenever he or she barks to electric shock collars which deliver a painful jolt of electricity to try to stop the dog from barking.

Choose the Right Dog Collar and Dog Leash
When it comes to taking proper care of your dog, it is important to make sure that everything you do and everything you buy for your pet is right for the height, weight, size and type of dog that you own. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the dog collar and leash that is right for your pet.

Electronic Dog Training Collar  - Take Care
The electronic dog training collar can be a great boon to pet owners struggling to train their dogs. But like all other training methods, it has its proper uses and its improper uses, and too often new pet owners find themselves unable to distinguish between the two.