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Dog Breed Groups

Designer Dogs
If your dog's breed has an "oodle" or a "poo" in it – you are the proud owner of a designer dog.  Question is – did you pay a breeder up to $2500 or visit your local shelter?

Herding Dogs
The instinct that makes a good herding dog is a modified version of predatory behavior.  The herd dog accepts responsibility for the herd because he considers them as belonging to him.

Hound Dogs
Bred to hunt mammals, hound dogs are various breeds with similar characteristics: droopy ears, short coats and often a deep bark called a "bay" that can be heard over long distances.   All hounds have in common...

Non-Sporting Dogs
Non-sporting dogs is a catchall group composed of breeds that may previously have been developed for work or hunting but which have evolved into primarily companion or family pet functions.

Sporting Dogs
Sporting dogs are divided by hunting enthusiasts by their purpose as game dogs, gun dogs and bird dogs.   These refer to the specialized activities of various breeds...

The Terrier group is a large one and has three distinctive type of coat:  wire (Wirehaired Fox Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer), soft (Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue), and smooth (Bull Terrier).

Working Dogs
Canines in the Working Group are medium to extremely large sized dogs.   From performing avalanche and water rescues to protecting property, these dogs have been invaluable assets to their owners for many years.