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A Dog Training Collar Gets Your Dog's Attention

Many of us love to have a dog around. Along with the joy of having a pet also comes the responsibility to ensure that our dog understands what is and is not allowed when out for a walk. This is where a dog training collar can come into play. Here are a few reasons why a dog training collar can lead to both a happy pet and a satisfied owner.

When we first acquire a new pet, a period of adjustment ensues. Your dog will be checking out the new surroundings and also trying to determine what types of activities will be acceptable in order to hold your favor. Just as you will teach your dog how to be housebroken, you also will use the dog training collar to reinforce what you consider to be proper behavior in other ways. As an example, your dog training collar will be part of the apparatus you use when taking your dog for a walk.

In some cases, the collar may come with a detachable harness that fits around and under the pet's front legs. This will allow you to teach the dog how to not strain against the leash. Other lessons such as how to get the dog to understand that you will control the direction that the walk takes also can be learned with the use of this type of dog training collar. In addition, the dog training collar helps you to teach your pet how to set a comfortable pace where both of you get exercise but are not unduly winded.

A training collar is also helpful around the house, when it comes to teaching your new pet about areas that are not for the pet. As an example, some dog training collars come with a device that will emit a low grade electrical shock - not enough to harm your pet, but enough to help the dog associate certain behaviors with a deterrent. This can help you to train your dog to not dig into the trashcan, or to invade the dog food supply, and to stay off the furniture in the formal living room. 

Owning a dog is a lot of fun, but it also is a responsibility. By using a training collar to help your pet understand what is and is not acceptable behavior, you ensure that both of you will be happy for many years to come.


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