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Electronic Dog Training Collar  - Take Care

The electronic dog training collar can be a great boon to pet owners struggling to train their dogs. But like all other training methods, it has its proper uses and its improper uses, and too often new pet owners find themselves unable to distinguish between the two. It may be as well to clarify from the start what we mean when we say 'electronic dog training collar.' We are emphatically NOT talking about collars which deliver an electric shock when the dog misbehaves.

These collars are cruel and more painful than necessary, and often have very low results for the amount of damage they do. An electric dog training collar, on the other hand, has a small box capable of emitting loud and unpleasant noises, and is controlled by a remote, which the pet owner holds in their hands while training the dog.

The electronic dog training collar is only useful as an aid to a human trainer. Don't expect the collar to do the work for you. The best way of using your electronic dog collar is to reprimand the dog when it does not obey your command. Give the dog a command (such as, Sit, for example) and if the dog does not obey, respond by making the electronic dog training collar make its noise. Show the dog what you want it to do (in the case of the command 'sit,' press gently on the dog's lower back, making it sit, while repeating the command to sit) then repeat the command. If the dog obeys, reward it with a treat and a praise. If the dog does not obey, again, use the electronic dog training collar, show the dog what you want it to do, and try again.

For best results, you should never give the dog more than four or five seconds to obey a simple command such as 'sit.' A dog who obeys eventually is not a dog who obeys at all.