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Guard Dog Training Can Be a Benefit or a Risk

There are those who would say that guard dog training is not necessary for dogs because guarding is instinctive to them. However, this depends on the extent of the protection you’re looking for.

The guard dogs can be trained to be security and protection dogs, where training can be intense and specific, the result of which could be having a dangerous animal on your hands. Or they can be home security companions where what you’re interested in is having the dog bark loudly to scare off potential burglars.

Because protection dogs are very independent, they are more difficult to train. These can be dangerous to their owners as well as strangers if improperly trained.  They should therefore be trained by professionals.  If you feel you need a security dog of this caliber, either lease one or consult a professional to help you train yours.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a guard dog that’s not too hostile without the danger that’s sometimes associated with the larger more powerful protective breeds, you should start the training early and teach the dog to be leery with strangers. 

As with other forms of dog training, obedience training is the starting point.  It’s essential that you learn how to take command and control your dog.  Strong-willed dogs may become unmanageable.  Keep in mind, too, that although protection dogs can be any breed you should be particular about the breeding because of backyard breeders.  You need a dog that’s manageable and you may not get that from a breeder who’s in it just for the money.

Experts suggest that in your protection dog training you teach the dog to watch at night on an empty stomach.  Remember that the main purpose of your home security dog is for the dog to be alert and bark if there’s a strange sound or an intruder. So do not allow the dog to overeat.  A too-full stomach contributes to laziness and drowsiness and your dog will fall asleep on the job.

Regardless of the kind of protection you think you need, having any kind of dog can be beneficial to you and your family.  However, the outcome will depend on the type of guard dog training you employ.