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The Importance of a Personalized Dog Collar

If you have had dogs for long enough, and you have lived long enough, then no doubt at one point or another, you've experienced the trauma of having a dog either run away from home, or else get outside and get hopelessly lost and not be able to find his way back home. Dogs who chase things (mine have always been fond of chasing rabbits) are the worst about this; they're too interested in the rabbit right in front of them to pay attention to where they're going, and consequently they end up lost. This is what makes a personalized dog collar so essential.

If some kind soul finds your dog, they may want to return it, but have absolutely no way of discovering who you are or where to find you. Even if your dog has a collar--which will at least prove that he belongs to someone--it may make a person try harder to get him home, but it won't help him actually get there. Only a personalized dog collar can do that. If your dog were to get lost or run away, wouldn't you want him back? And you can get little tags to make a personalized dog collar at any superstore. These tags, which clip onto any normal collar, are essential for keeping your pet safe at home and ensuring that he or she gets back home when he or she gets lost.

These kind of tags for making personalized dog collars are quite inexpensive--usually not more than five or six dollars--and well worth the peace of mind.

Most tags allow you to personalize the tag with two, three, or sometimes even four lines of text. *The most important information you can include on your pet's personalized dog collar* is your name and phone number! If you have room, put your pet's name first, followed by your full name, first and last, and then your phone number. Don't forget the area code! Addresses are too bulky, hard to track down, and often leave no room for your phone number or even your name.