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Training Your Dog with a Dog Shock Collar

When we have a pet, it is up to us to train our dog to understand what sorts of behaviors are acceptable and which are not. One of the ways we can help our dog understand the difference is by the use of a dog shock collar.

The basic operation of a dog shock collar is pretty easy. When the dog is engaged in an activity that is not allowed, the collar emits a very low grade shock. The voltage is not enough to harm the animal, but it is enough to begin the process of averting the dog from activities that are not desirable.

As an example, the dog shock collar is part of an overall package that is known as an invisible fence. By placing sensors around the perimeter of your yard, the dog will receive a mild shock should the animal attempt to leave the perimeter. This over time will help the animal develop a sense of staying on you property and not wandering off.

The dog shock collar can be used in other ways as well. Should you have certain piece of furniture that are off limits to the animal, you can activate a shock when your dog sits on that antique sofa, or crawls into the bed that is sporting that expensive duvet you just purchased. The shock will be enough to get the dog to jump down and in a short time your animal will associate climbing onto that particular piece of furniture with an unpleasant result. At that juncture, your pet will cease to have any interest in that piece of furniture, no matter how appealing it may have been in the past.

Use of a dog shock collar should be limited to situations where the action could possibly result in a danger to your pet, or to protect your property from possible damage by your pet. While the purpose of the dog shock collar is to modify your pet's behavior, it should not been seen as the only effective method, nor should it be used to attempt to train your pet to perform tricks or the more simplistic obedience tasks. For more information on the proper uses of a shock collar, check with your veterinarian and also obedience schools in your area.